Neha Dhupia addresses Roadies controversy after ‘weeks of vitriol’: ‘My dad’s WhatsApp is flooded with abuses’

Neha Dhupia addresses Roadies controversy after ‘weeks of vitriol’: ‘My dad’s WhatsApp is flooded with abuses’

Saturday, March 14, 2020

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Neha Dhupia addresses Roadies controversy after ‘weeks of vitriol’: ‘My dad’s WhatsApp is flooded with abuses’

Actor Neha Dhupia has finally addressed the social media storm raging against her since she made a comment about cheating in relationships on her reality show, Roadies Revolution. Neha said in a note posted on Twitter that her family and friends are being harassed and abused due to it.
Neha had reportedly chastised a contestant for saying that he hit his girlfriend after he found out that she was cheating on him. Neha had reportedly said that it’s a woman’s choice if she wants to be in a relationship with five boys at a time but hitting her is not the right thing to do.

Since then, Twitter and Instagram have been flooded with memes and abuses targeted towards Neha, calling her a hypocrite. So Neha finally broke her silence on Saturday. “Roadies is a show that I have been a part of for five years and enjoyed every bit of it. It takes me all over India and gives me the opportunity to team up with absolute rock stars from all parts of the country. What I do not like or accept is what is happening for more than two weeks now! Recently during one of the episodes that aired, I took a stand against violence,” she wrote.
“A guy talked about his partner who cheated on him (allegedly) and in retaliation, he hit her by his own admission. What the girl did is a choice she made which is a moral choice regardless of someone, man or woman... adultery is a moral choice. Cheating is not something I stand for, and it is unfortunate that I have been misrepresented for the same... but what I do stand for is women’s safety,” she added.

Neha also mentioned how her father and other family members were also being harassed. “Sadly, as a reaction to my opinion, I have been subjected to weeks of vitriol. One of my posts had over 56k comments! Yet I was silent but now people close to me who have nothing to do with this - my family, my friends, my co-workers and even my dad’s personal WhatsApp are being flooded with abuses and harassment. My daughter’s page is nothing less than a barrage of abuses and this is not acceptable to me,” she said.

However, despite the reaction on social media, Neha stands by her original comment. “What a man or a woman does in a relationship is their choice and moral choices are always ambiguous. But no matter what they are, they cannot lead to physical abuse. I stand by the fact that NO MATTER WHAT ... physical abuse or assault is not acceptable. Obviously, a man’s physical strength is a lot more than girls and gender-based violence against women is a huge problem in our country and across the world... I urge people, whether a man or woman, to educate themselves about domestic violence... If you’re a victim of abuse, please stand up for yourself. You are not alone,” she said.
Actor Taapsee Pannu also showed her support. “For all the ppl writing abusive and harassing messages to you and your family should know, they aren’t on the right side of the moral compass they r acting to be the torch bearers of. Adultery is wrong morally n so is violence. One can’t be the response to the other,” she wrote in a tweet.

Twitter users were still not sold on Neha’s argument. Some asked her why she applauded a girl for slapping her ex-boyfriend if violence is not acceptable in relationships. “But Neha, you applauded a girl who slapped a guy 4 times for betraying her. What is this behaviour Neha? Itna hypocrisy,” read a comment. “So @NehaDhupia ji according to you if a man was cheated by a girl and he slapped for his mistake that was violence. But when a girl was cheated by a boy that time she slapped him. You think he deserved that,” read another tweet.

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