Corona virus is spreading from 'Tabligi Jamaat'! Pakistan becomes the center of Corona after China!

In fact, this question arose when two positive cases of corona virus arose in Gaza last week.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

/ by Today India

New Delhi:Corona virus (A big reason behind the outbreak of Coronavirus) Tablighi Jamaat are the prom (Tablighi Jamaat) K In fact, this question arose when two positive cases of corona virus arose in Gaza last week. When you examine the Gaza authorities revealed that two men in Pakistan were involved in the program are returned to the (Pakistan) that the Tablighi Jamaat. 
In March this month, lakhs of people took part in the Tabligi Jamaat program held in Raivind area of ​​Lahore, in which Muslim Maulana of about 80 countries also participated. 
It is a matter of concern that at a time when the entire world is preventing lockdown and people gathering together to prevent the infection of corona virus, the tabligh Jamaat programs doubled the risk of infection of corona virus. is. Experts believe that after China and Iran, now the danger of spreading of Korana is from the Tabligi Jamaat and the Maulanas involved in it.
Confirming the Corona virus cases in the Gaza Strip, Palestine diplomat Dia Hadid said that "two Palestinians have been found infected with the Corona virus, which was involved in a conference in Lahore in the month of March, involving thousands and millions." A number of people participated.
It is also a matter of concern that Maulana, who are involved in the Tabligi Jamaat program, are returning back to the Corona virus infection in other countries, some of them come from one country to other countries. 
A case has surfaced in India. A
similar case has also come up in India where 11 Maulana, who came from Indonesia on the basis of corona virus infection in Salem district of Tamil Nadu last week, are being admitted to the district hospital and treated. 
All the Indonesian maulanas associated with the Tabligi Jamaat had also visited 4 mosques in Tamil Nadu in the last few days where there was a huge crowd. The district administration of Salem has ordered an inquiry into the entire matter. Maulana associated with Tabligi Jamaat keeps coming to countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan, which has become a danger of spreading corona infection all over the world.
Tabligi Jamaat is an organization of Maulana and Islamists in which radical Islam is taught. Many people who participated in the Tabligi Jamaat program in Lahore have been infected with Corona. 
Four people living in Sindh have been admitted to a hospital in Pakistan, who attended the Tabligi Jamaat program. Similarly, in five Maulana of Kyrgyzstan country, Korana has been found positive, who has been admitted to the hospital in Islamabad.

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